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We stock a full range of pool and spa chemicals at affordable prices. Call in today and get your pool ready for summer!


  • Chlorine - Available in granular, liquid and tabs.
  • Spa-Chlor - An easy way to add stabilised chlorine to you spa pool.
  • Conditioner - To raise alkalinity and PH levels.
  • PH Down - For lowering the PH of pool water.
  • Hardness - To increase pool water hardness.
  • Clarifier - Aids filtration of cloudy pools.
  • Floc - Increases clarity and clears cloudy water.¬†Great for flocking green pools following shock dosing.
  • Sunscreen - To stabilise & protect your pool chlorine from bright sunlight.
  • Hypo-Kleen - Great for sanitising the swimming pool.