DeLaval Dairy Consumables
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DeLaval Dairy Consumables



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Here at P.M.L  we strive to continually offer you only the very best in specialist sales and service, which follows right through to the quality in the dairy consumables products that we sell.

We trust in the quality and durability of the DeLaval range of consumables and know that you will too! 

Would your milking operation pass a Warrant of Fitness?

Quality, preventative maintenance of your dairy operation is paramount to ensure your farm is performing at maximum efficiency, as well as to pass current regulatory checks.

Call us today to book in your machine test.

For all of your detergents, sanitisers and cleaning accessories, liners, tubes, hose clips, sleeves and socks, teatsprays, udder creams and accessories – see us first!

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**New Product Release - Reduced Temperature Detergent**

Part of the DeLaval reduced temperature cleaning program, Reduced Temperature Detergent (RTD) can deliver exceptional cleaning of milking equipment and bulk milk vats at  reduced temperatures – good for profitability with less impact on the environment.

Core benefits:

  • Cuts cost of cleaning process
  • Reduced temperature premium cleaning
  • Reduces energy consumption
  • Reduces environmental impact
  • Improves performance of rubber part

RTD is a revolutionary, patent pending, chlorinated alkaline detergent designed for use at all dairy farms. Unlike conventional alkaline detergent, that has to be used in combination with 85°C, RTD offers superior cleaning performance at around 65°C.

Switching from conventional detergent to RTD offers a number of benefits to farmers, these include:

Reduced energy costs - obviously heating water to 65°C* rather than 85°C uses much less energy, in fact farmers with standard water heaters can reduce water heating costs by around 25%*.
Improved performance of rubber parts – reduced water temperatures put less stress on rubber parts which improves their performance throughout their lifespan.
Reduces environmental impact – By using less energy farmers can reduce the impact on the environment. Using RTD also uses less water as unlike conventional alkaline detergents it does not require a post acid rinse.

Call us today to understand how to incorporate RTD into your cleaning regime, so you can save money and time.

New Release: EasyStrideTM - A safe & efficient hoof care solution. 

 EasyStrideTM is a topical hoof preparation that is intended for use solely to treat minor abnormalities of the surface structures of the hoof. EasyStrideTM does not contain antibiotics, formaldehyde, copper sulphate or any other heavy metal. 

• Effective biocide
• Free of QAC, copper sulphate & formalin
• Apply via footbath 
• Nice smell
• Noticeable blue colouring on hooves

Product Info
EasyStrideTM is a blue liquid
EasyStrideTM has a 2-year shelf Life
Formulated from Formic and Lactic Acid Blend
For Use on Hoofs only
EasyStrideTM is effective for 7 days after mixing or until 200 cows have passed through the mix.


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